My research is motivated by problems of erasure within and from technology, witnessed in contemporary new media as well as industrial machinery. Erasures occur within the physical, material technology as well as the narratives around technology, specifically technologies of critical infrastructure, such as technologies within electrical grids, telecommunication systems, and transportation networks. Many fields have attempted or begun to address these technologies and infrastructures; however, more work remains to be done, especially in the connections to new media and complexity of contemporary culture. The primary purpose of my research is to investigate contemporary constructs, whether ideological or material, of gender, race and class, within these technologies and their associated infrastructures by examining historical and disciplinary erasures. My long term goal is to not only produce recoveries of erased narratives and labor, but to use these investigations as means to delineate, analyze and create interactive practices and theories, which will contribute to nascent interdisciplinary practices within the modern educational institution.


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