Research Positions

Simon Fraser University, Digital Democracies Institute Postdoctoral Fellow (2019-Present)

  • Research fellow for Digital Democracies Group led by Wendy Chun
  • Researching algorithmic content moderation
  • Developing case studies on abusive language and toxicity online within political and gaming communities
  • Collaborating on building of NLP tools (natural language processing) and responsible AI
  • Operationalization of concepts: authenticity, trust, verification, identity
  • Conducting research on social media and video platform recommendation algorithms

University of Colorado Boulder, Center for Media, Religion and Culture – Research Fellow (2015-2019)

  • Presented talks on a variety of topics including: misinformation, big data, affect, algorithms
  • Conducted interviews for the Media Ambivalence Project
  • Constructing the digital aspect of the hypermediation and public scholarship project
  • Participating in weekly meetings and discussions
  • Contributing entries for the keywords media project

University of Colorado Boulder, Media Archaeology Lab – Curator (2015-2019)

  • Working with Lori Emerson on collecting and cataloging items for the lab on scanners
  • Studying these objects (video games, computers, typewriters) and their role in history with my students.

University of Toronto, McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology – Residency Fellow (2017)

  • Conducted research on labor ethics and standards within modern information communities
  • Participated in weekly workshops with fellow graduate students
  • Attended weekly meetings to discuss future collaborative projects and development of the McLuhan Center for Culture and Technology during the summer semester

University of Colorado Boulder, Department of Media Studies – Research Assistant (2016-2017)

  • Assistant to Dr. Andrew Calabrese, employing new editing technologies and assembling materials for a digital database for upcoming publications
  • Co-authored a long-form chapter on the media ethics and social-political issues arising from the predatory double bind of food corporations and regulations (on going)
  • Conducted primary and secondary research on food politics and social justice through digital archives and collections

Concordia University, TAG Lab – Research Assistantship (2014)

  • Studied comic book scanner communities and their circulation techniques.
  • Analysed data and created graphic outputs.
  • Created weekly blog posts.

University of Toronto, Condensed Matter Lab – Research Assistantship (2008-2009)

  • Created an individual research project that analysed optimal electrical conductivity of materials for superconducting.